About Versacryl Restoration Solutions

Versacryl® Restoration Solutions LLC (VRS) is a specialty coatings application company that is focused on the restoration of weathered, stained and deteriorated exterior wpc and vinyl surfaces. VRS utilizes Versacryl® coatings that provide a beautiful, long lasting and cost effective alternative to tear off and replacement of decks, docks and boardwalks.

Versacryl® Restoration Solutions has a nationwide team of certified applicators, who will meet with you, analyze your specific coating needs, assist in selecting a color combination from our five standard colors. VRS trained specialists will prepare all surfaces for coating application, coat them with our Versacryl Coating System restoring it to its original look or better, allowing you to once again enjoy your outdoor area with slip resistant surface protection & new color hold for years to come.

Our coating systems are used by homeowners that consider the Versacryl® make over a true  ‘remodeling ‘ of their exterior surface at a fraction of the cost of the only real alternative of removal and replacement. OEM manufacturers have used our product as a cost effective alternative to deck board replacement in warranty situations. Recent Versacryl® advances include the development of superior anti slip properties for walking surfaces like decks, docks, boardwalks and ramps. Our owners, managers and trained applicators are totally committed to meeting & exceeding every aspect of our customer’s expectation for performance and product quality.

 Versacryl® coatings were created over 20 years ago as a protective coating for renewing outdoor polymer sports surfaces like tracks, play grounds and tennis courts. As we tested the sports surface coating on different materials, we discovered that the product had special properties that made it perfect for vinyl and composite exterior surfaces such as decks, docks, boardwalks, railing, fencing, and siding. It has now evolved into THE single solution for the restoration and beautification of Vinyl and Composite surfaces.  

Collectively, our ownership team has over 70 years of experience in virtually every aspect of the exterior vinyl and composite industry. At various times we served the vinyl and composites industry as principal new technology development managers, CEO of one of the original cellular vinyl deck manufacturers and suppliers of key raw materials to the vinyl and composites industry. Our founder, Bob Harris was part of the team that developed the first factory applied coating for decking which dates back to the 1990’s. He also worked on subsequent projects using performance coatings to provide long term performance and durability to exterior surfaces.
Today our mission is to restore the thousands of older vinyl and composite deck, dock and boardwalk surfaces to beautiful and lasting condition. We back our products with a limited warranty that covers color retention, stain resistance, mar and abrasion resistance and mold, mildew and algae resistance.

 Versacryl® is a superior, one of a kind, all American made product that will restore lasting beauty and durability to your exterior vinyl and composite surface.

VERSACRYL RESTORATION SOLUTIONS l 1000 S. Cleveland- Massillon Road l Akron, OH 44333 l bob@versacryl.us